Window Cleaning

Home Cleaning Pros offers sparkling clean interior and exterior window cleaning. Our professional eco-safe window cleaning solution is safe for virtually every type of window glass, and it will not harm surrounding surfaces, fabrics, plants, people, or pets.

On the inside, we use feather soft scrubbers and squeegees. All cobwebs are removed, and all window tracks and windowsills are also cleaned.

On the outside, we use a mineral-free water fed pole system, with a soft jetted brush. We can reach windows up to 33′ from the ground without the use of ladders.

Our water jetted brush will wash the entire window including the frame and windowsill. Since the water is completely mineral-free, the rinse on the window dries totally spot free. There is no better way to get windows sparkling clean.

Some like to use dish soap formulas. While this may be great for dishes, when applied to windows it tends to leave a film that will actually attract more dust. Our professional solutions are designed specifically for window glass and have anti-static properties which helps to repel dust.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

When cleaning exterior windows, all screens are run through a window screen cleaning machine.


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